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It is also known as hell

Anonymous said: Whats your strategy for the 100 fly (SCY)

Sprint your little heart out

If you are a swimmer, there is a 99% chance we are going to get along and be best friends


10. August 2014


wait, no I don’t! it’s off season. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH MYSELF??????

Probably still go to bed at 8:30

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If you find jumping into meet warm up scary, clearly you’ve never done an ocean swim

8. August 2014



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  • me: wait, what are we doing
  • me: oh, distance butterfly sets, yay!
  • me: oh shit there's the wall better do a flip turn
  • me: oh wait im doing butterfly
  • me: that was the shittiest butterfly turn ive ever done
  • me: coach is going to yell at me
  • me: what
  • me: i should not have eaten that sandwich before practice
  • me: oh my god im going to throw up
  • me: false alarm
  • coach: *muffled yelling*
  • me: wait what?!
  • me: oh he's not talking to me
  • me: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming,swimming
  • me: i love that movie
  • me: i want to go home
  • me: my arm hurts
  • me: oh yay, 100x100s
  • me: oh my god, i have 99 more of these to do
  • me: and flip and push off the wall and streamline
  • me: ready set breathe
  • me: fuck i just inhaled water
  • me: ok i should think of a motivational song
  • me: weeeeeeeeeeeeee are never, ever, ever, getting back together!
  • me: shit no i hate you taylor swift you bitch get your whiny ass music away from me
  • me: ok, um
  • me: dammit i just forgot every song that ive ever heard in my entire life
  • me: oh, flipturn!
  • me: ow, fuck, just kneed myself in the face
  • me: yes alright here's my favorite song
  • me: what's the next line
  • me: ow just ran into the lane line
  • me: um, excuse me bitch, if you wish to pass me, tap my feet and i'll move over. do not grab my ankle and pull me down like a fucking carnivorous siren from those greek myths. bitch
  • me: oh just got lapped
  • me: look how many fucks i do not give
  • me: im hungry
  • me: what time is it
  • me: im probably sweating really hard right now
  • me: ow, just got kicked by someone in the other lane
  • me: whoops, sorry, didnt mean to touch you there, i swear
  • me: oh my god are we done
  • me: praise the lord
  • me: adios until tomorrow, bitches
"I swear the wall moved" 
-Michael Phelps
Doing something stupid over the weekend and not wanting your coach to find out
6. August 2014