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It is also known as hell

Let us take a moment to honor Michael Phelps return

Even when I am on off season, I still barely shower

Me and my relay in our supersuites about to still yo medal

Freedom is being able to go home and not worry about swimming.
Offseason »>



Michael Phelp’s reaction when the mens 4x100 medley relay got disqualified. Literally best thing ever.

This is the best phelps reaction ever

During the off season my only form of exercise I do is getting up and getting food

I would dress nice for school but between my hairy legs and my extreme laziness, sweats is the way to go

That moment of “why me” while reading the physic sheet

Anonymous asked: if ur younger and faster than me, ur off the team sorry but i dont make the rules


anon you just defined my thought process

Anonymous asked: what do you do when you have to wake up really early for a meet?

My advice is to start going to bed early starting the week before the meet this way you stack up on the sleeping hours. Then the night before the meet don’t go turn up to much and get to bed early